Sunday, March 7, 2010

Umm yeah.. so I suck at Bloggin!

Is it 2010 already?!?!?!?! And not to mention already booking through March! My life has been a whirlwind the past year, I can hardly even remember 2009! Wow.... maybe I should start doing those memory games to challenge myself... or is it too late? =]

Let's start with currently... I am working full time (40+ hours), taking 16 credits at UNLV, doing my Student Teaching and private, at home therapy for some kiddos that have Autism. I am looking forward to FINALLY graduating in May, May 8th to be exact! Yay!! It is a Saturday and I would love anyone and everyone that is willing to come to come! We will find space for you to sleep and stay... just let me know if you want to come and we can make it happen!

At the beginning of the year I moved out of the townhouse my Mom owns and moved into a house with a girlfriend, Ashlee. I LOVE it!! It is just the 2 of us in a huge 2-story home and her lab-pit mix dog, which I love! His name is Chubs!

So we are enjoying life, trying to get as much line dancing in as possible, especially since we live across the street from RevolveR, a line dance bar that is AMAZING! When everyone comes for my graduation... bring your boots! We know everyone there and can make an awesome night happen!

Anyhow... September was a time of a lot of change for me, I was involved in a car accident, T-boned from the back driver side, I spun around, the other car crashed into the median, the driver got out and ran!! I had hit my head on the steering wheel, was discombobulated and turned around, I saw a guy run but really couldn't give detail?! There was alcohol in the car and the keys were left. The classified it as a hit in run. To my luck (NOT), the owner of the vehicle called 7 hours later to report his car stolen. It seems coincidental that the owner's house was not even a block away and at the light where the accident happened, the driver was turning into a parking lot where Walmart was. Stolen vehicle?!?! I think NOT! I believe the guy was to wasted to know what was happening, ran home and when he came to, realized his car was gone and called it in as a stolen vehicle. Needless to say it has been a mess!!!!
Well... my car was totaled and I HAD to buy a new car...! So I bought a Chevy Equinox 2007. I love it!! It looks like an SUV, but on a compact car frame so VERY good gas mileage! Which with these gas prices I am so happy I choose smaller! I don't have a picture but if you follow me on Facebook, there is a mobile upload with snow on it!! It is perfect for me... holds people and all my toys for work!

After the new car was when I planned to move and when I decided to get a breast reduction! Yes, big news! Something I have been thinking about since 2005, it has taken a lot of thought, emotional hurdles and financing arrangements but after seeing a handful of doctors I had it scheduled for February 11! A great Valentine's Day gift huh?! <3 I had the procedure and could not be happier! The week prior I had tons of anxiety and had to take an antibiotic for itching... I didn't have hives but itching like crazy under my skin! Sucked!! I had the procedure, was in the hospital for 48 hours then released. My boyfriend came in town from California to take care of me! It was amazing... to see the true colors of someone and the love they can show is truly amazing to me! My roommates mom stayed at the house as well the night prior and helped at the hospital, my mom had work, so it worked out having someone there with me to help with logistics! My Grandma Wilson brought chicken pot pie over... thank goodness! That was my dinner for the first week! Well, I have recovered awesomely!! Love the new girls ;) they took a pound from each and I went down 2 full sizes! It has changed me, in more than one way! And I truly couldn't be happier! With the surgery and medication, it has inspired me to lose even more weight! Over the past year or more I have been working hard to loose and keep off weight, and with 2 pounds down and 5 more pounds off during recovery... I have began to hit the gym hard! I am determined to have the best looking summer EVER!! I will actually be able to fit into my swimsuits now as well as actually buy a swimsuit from Target... which I have NEVER been able to do before! (p.s. if you want to see transition pictures, email me... I am happy to share! As well as giving my doctors number for those interested! And yes... my insurance paid for it! It was deemed medically necessary!!)

It was awesome to see most of the family at the 2009 family reunion in the OBX! I had a blast and being by the ocean is everything I could wish for! During the summer I also made it a couple times to Morro Bay, CA to stay at my Mom's beach house! It has made such transitions since February 2009 to now! So beautiful!!

A quick recap---
- June OBX with the family!

- 4th of July in Miami Beach, FL (AMAZING)

- New Years down on Fremont Street!
- 2009 Concert: Gin Blossoms, Keith Urban, STXY, Journey, Tim McGraw

- July State Fair in Paso Robles, CA
- and MANY pool & lake days!!!

So... maybe you can tell.... I live my life through my pictures... not so much into writing a 'journal' so to speak!


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wow, so I guess I lied… I didn’t get on the computer to quick to write that SUPER blog =] Actually, I don’t even know where to start. After October of 2007 I began hanging out with an amazing girl, Jennifer Atwell. We actually meet through a mutual friend. We are both in sororities, she is Sigma Kappa though… anyhow we totally hit it off, basically inseparable. We are both Gemini’s, which is the only excuse we have for being so in sink with each other. I have come to find out that Gemini’s are either bestest friends or enemies, when you put 2 Gemini’s together. We are each other’s other half. Where she lacks I have strengths and vice versa. Well, we still do almost everything from traveling to line dancing together. Line dancing has become one of my most favorite past times and I am actually pretty good at it. I would love to show any of you, anytime!

At Christmas time Blackjack passed away, the circle of life… amazing to think we got him for Christmas and he died a day before Christmas. Our beautiful Christmas pup. Soon after, Mom could not handle all the time alone with no dog around. Growing up she had always said she wanted a Great Dane but never did due to space and hectic-ness of having young children… well now with her kids all grown up, now seemed like the perfect time to get the dog of her dreams. She feel in love with a Harlequin (the black and white) puppy, but he was to young to come home to us. In the mean time Mom had emailed many other breeders and actually got a response back from a breeder that began telling about her male pups she had. She mentioned that she had 2 dane’s but Mom would only be interested in 1. Mom was intrigued, the woman then informed Mom that the other male was albino and deaf, then told Mom that he would probably be put to sleep soon, this is because Great Dane breeders are looking for the best in breed and having a albino Great Dane is not best of the breed. Mom was going to allow none of that so her plans quickly changed and instead of just 1 Great Dane we ended up with 2. Now they are 2 mini-horses. =] Napoleon (the albino) now knows approximately 10 hand signs and I believe, with his type of personality, his name should have been Mr. Magoo and then our Show Dog Astro, they are both very beautiful.

At the end of February I went with Staford, his girlfriend and Mom to New York to celebrate Staford’s 20th birthday. We toured around Soho the art district, ate lunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, saw Lion King on Broadway, took many taxi drives and even saw some of Staford’s high school friends that lived in New York going to college. So many memories!!!

Spring break, I went to Disneyland with 2 of my other girlfriends; Michelle and Stefanie. We had a great time, I took over 300 pictures in 2 days and 2 nights, can you believe that? Definitely had a BLAST!! I had forgotten how much I loved Disneyland! We made sure to arrive to the park exactly at 7:30 to buy our ticket to enter right when it opened and didn’t leave until they were kicking us out at closing, past midnight! Definitely a long day! The next morning we headed to Laguna Beach and spent the day basking in the sun… one of my favorite hobbies! =] Got sun-kissed then headed home after seeing enough of the snobbish Laguna Girls!

May… San Gennaro Feast with yummy Italian Food and music! Went everyday it was open (3 days in a row) haha Jenn’s birthday on the 26th and she was proposed to by her 4+ year long boyfriend. Then I was the lucky one to be asked to be her Maid-of-Honor… so we are in the midst of planning, but the wedding is planned for October 10, 2009.

Then my birthday in June, I spent the day at Wet Republic, the 21 and over luxurious pool at MGM. Jenn had a hookup there so we got a day bed, normally $300, for FREE…. Free is always good in my book and a Free pitcher of Patron Margarita. ($110 value) Definitely a good day!! Then we went to Dick’s Last Resort for dinner, where they get paid to treat you like crap. It is kind of funny, but for someone that takes things people say so seriously, it was kind of hard to sit through dinner. When I asked for more water, the waitress said “wait for your ice to melt” haha then brought me a huge bucket full of water and a large straw and said “don’t ask me for water again.”

For the 4th of July I went to Boulder, UT for the Celebration with the Wilson family. We enjoyed cow chasing and as a family we went on a “family empowerment hike,” as Mom would say =] We hiked 9+ miles in high elevation, through the rain and cold, to the rim of a mountain. It was truly beautiful, although I wish I was more prepared, I was wearing shorts an freezing my butt off. Thank goodness the sun came out in the middle of the day so we could slightly dry off. At the end of July into August we went to Lake Powell for a week of fun in the sun and wake boarding. We had a group of 27 people… and amazing time!

In September Mom, Callyn and myself went to a dog show in Arizona where Astro won 1st in his class (his age group and gender) 2 days in a row! He did awesome, but his puppy colors sure did show. The show was outside and during his showing time he was trotting along so excited trying to chase grasshoppers’ lol.

Hmm… yay I finally get to talk about October! The month, by fate, I ran into the best man ever, that man I can now call my boyfriend Erick Heim! I went to a concert at the Hard Rock called the Rock Tour with Panic! At the Disco, The Cab, Plain White T’s and Dashboard Confessionals playing, anyhow it was on a Thursday and on any normal Thursday you would catch me at Johnny Fontane’s for karaoke night! Well this Thursday, because of the concert I was not planning on showing up because I figured it would get over late and I would want to go home…. Well the concert got over around 10p and I had to pass Johnny Fontane’s on the way home so I figured, “what the heck, might as well stop by.” When I arrived, I immediately saw Erick. He was sitting my “2 Tons” the karaoke MC and that is normally where I sit. On top of the factor that it is usually the same crew that always hangs around at Johnny Fontane’s and I was wondering “who is he.” Come to find out he usually goes to the shows on Friday’s but this particular week he had to work on Friday and had Thursdays off…. Wow out of all weeks he came when I wasn’t supposed to come and then I came and we happen to get introduced to each other by 2 tons. Near 4am, when I realized how late, err how early it was and the factor that I had to be up and at work by 7:30, I decided I needed to go home! He asked for my number and the rest is history! He is the man I have been patiently searching for. As many may know, just as well as many of you may not know, I haven’t had a boyfriend and hardly dated for pretty much 2 years. So, to run into someone, by fate I believe, makes me smile inside, and he is everything I could want; from the handy-man, line dancer, out-doorsey, family oriented type, not to mention a musician (guitar player & singer to be exact), which in my book is very sexy =] Anyhow, things have been amazing and our future looks more and more bright as the days quickly go by. He has asked me to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his family, which I am very excited about!

This past week, I went with Jenn to La Mision, Mexico with her church for a mission trip. I had a truly life altering experience and fell in love with God! Reaching out and helping people has always been something I have enjoyed, but to this extent was very fulfilling to be working in God’s name to help people. A total of about 89 people went; I went up early on 11/6 with Jenn to get the Church compound ready for everyone to arrive. It was amazing to spend that extra quality time with the Pastor there and his family. I ended up being a team leader for Casa Azul, which just so happens to be a drywall project. To bad I didn’t pay more attention to all the work the Chris does with drywall and stucco. haha We had an awesome time putting up drywall, since I was in charge and didn’t really have a clue what I was supposed to do, I am pleasantly surprised how well it all turned out. lol I basically walked in the house, looked around at some work the guy that was currently living in the home had done and attempted to mimic it. =] And to think they put me in charge haha!! While we were there we had a fiesta for the people in the town, we cooked over 800 burgers and provided clothes for majority of those families too. It was a fun-filled day! My team was in charge of face painting, I was stoked! We drew out some figures we all thought we could paint on the kids faces. Since I was the only one that really knew any Spanish, I had a quick Spanish lesson and taught how to say, “which one do you want,” and “where do you want it,” to each of my team members. At one point I had a crowd of kiddos around me waiting, gives me chills to think of it. Also while we were there we visited the orphanage that was in town. At first I was expecting this to be very hard for me to attend, just thinking how horrible the conditions could be, after all we were in Mexico. I soon came to find out that a lovely American couple ran the orphanage, and boy could I tell you… it was one of the most beautiful homes/buildings in the town of La Mision! It was like it’s own little functioning town, with a barber shop and music buildings. To imagine 112+ kids and the amount of laundry they had a week. DJ the guy who ran the place said to imagine the buckets of laundry soap from Costco, well they go through one of those buckets every 2 days… can you imagine?! You should have seen their clothes line!

Well, coming back to reality and this harsh world, after that trip, I truly have a new outlook on life! We take so many things for granted on a day to day basis. I have decided to do more works in God’s name as consistently as possible. I need to brush the little things off more, and take things in strides, literally sit back and take a minute to smell the roses.

Now, I hope that has caught everyone up…. I am back into the day to day grind with work and school full time, keeps me on my toes… and now trying to fit a boyfriend into that schedule =] no wonder I have been single for so long, it is difficult to have such balance!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Hugs & Kisses! <3


Monday, October 20, 2008

YIKES... a whole year later and this is my 2nd Blog!

Sorry.... time has definitely flown by, and I'm not gonna lie... I totally forgot how to log in to edit this thing =] Well, now that I figured it out... I will post a SUPER Update later tonight! just an FYI

Monday, October 22, 2007


Wow, this hole blog idea is cool.... great now I can be addicted to MySpace, FaceBook and Blogging to the Fam =] It seems easy and convenient so it should work out for me, don't freak out when you see a posting a 3:00am or anything though.

Anyhow, the minute school started this semester I really haven't had much time to even breath. From having Greek events, Football Games, Philanthropy's and Work.... I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Just to bring you up to speed..... Last semester I decided to become a Rho Gamma, which is basically a sorority recruitment guide. I disaffiliate from my chapter, Alpha Gamma Delta (for all of you that STILL don't know that), for the whole summer so that at the beginning of Fall semester I can be as unbiased as possible and help all the girls going through recruitment with any questions or advice they be in need of without trying to sway them one way or another on what chapter to join, I was kinda a big deal =]. Talk about having to stop talking to over 50 of your friends just so potential members won't think that you are apart of one particular chapter... on top of pretty much having to stop talking to all other sorority chapters on campus, because I would hate for any potential member that I would love to see in my chapter thinking I am in a different chapter then I really am... if any of that makes sense. Recruitment was at the beginning of October and was a 4 day process, I LOVED it... I was a Group Leader and was in charge of basically 30 girls out of the 214 girls that were going through recruitment. All the girls in my group loved me, but honestly, who doesn't jk. Well needless to say I became very close with the 15 Rho Gammas and we did everything together and now that we are back with our own chapters it has been sad, but we can't help but hang out regularly.

Now I am back with my chapter and ever since I haven't been able to relax, it has been crazy busy! We had bid day then Homecoming work... window painting competition, building a float (which was AMAZING by the way, although Staford's Fraternity won "Best Float"), putting together a sweet skit for the UNLV 50th Anniversary Variety Show (basically a huge talent show) in which we had to try out to make it into the show to begin with. We did a time line of events from UNLV with a Wizard of Oz twist... it was super cute!

Now that all that is over you would think I would get a break... but NO! My sorority is super competitive and always have to win EVERY SPORT there is so you know I will be there to support, although they have recruited me to play Dodge Ball and Indoor Soccer... we shall see... I hope they realize they may lose by just having me on the team =[ I'm not a "Super Sporty Squirrel" (squirrels are my sorority animal, FYI). Along with that I took another Little Sister, which she is freaking adorable!
GREEK FAMILY: top row ME (Big Sis/Grandma), middle row (my littles) Jacqueline & Michelle, bottom row (my lil's littles) Leya & Amanda.... I've been around for a long time and my Greek Family is growing, and we are all hot brunettes =]


Well... I bet you are all wondering how I happen to fit 40 hours of work into this crazy schedule, basically I don't sleep... but seriously I am beginning to wonder how I do fit it all in... lets just say my planner is VERY IMPORTANT and I schedule things down to the minute. I LOVE work! So I make sure it fits it! I love working with the kids and making a difference, or at least I think I am making a difference.... just to let you know, if you didn't know what I do, I work for the state with Nevada Early Intervention Services and I work along side a Developmental Specialist and help develop strategies for children 0-3 years of age that may have disabilities or delays. It is a very rewarding job! I definitely see myself working there for a long period of time, who knows?

I hope I have not bored you all to tears.. who ever you all may be that read this book, but thank you anyhow. I have given you a very short history of events in my life to help catch you up... hopefully it worked.

I think I am going to like this blog thing, sometimes it is just nice to vent to people that might actually care...


** I was a hippie for our "time line" homecoming float... this isn't something I would wear on a regular basis, FYI, I just think it's a cool pic!